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The ACCC invites tertiary students to study their rights and obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, which includes the Australian Consumer Law. Students can study all 12 modules below or select the ones that are most relevant to their future careers. Most modules take about 15-20 minutes to complete and contain a short self-assessment quiz.


Educators can incorporate the free online modules into their teaching materials and can also subscribe to receive additional teaching resources. All of the 12 modules below have a corresponding Instructor's Manual, which contains a PowerPoint presentation and additional quiz and discussion questions and answers that can be taught in class.

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Video transcript

Hi, I'm Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

It's a pleasure to introduce this education program for tertiary students.

If you are enrolled in management, business law, marketing, economics or any other commerce-related course, then this program is designed for you.

It aims to inform you about Australia's competition and consumer laws, and some of the issues that you're likely to face in your business career.

The program consists of 12 modules.

Each one outlines a key part of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, which includes the Australian Consumer Law. This is the legal framework which covers much of the day-to-day dealings from one business to another, and between firms and their customers and between firms and their competitors.

The modules cover two major themes - one set deals with our competition laws, and the other with the Australian Consumer Law. You can do any module on its own, or as part of a wider collection of topics. There's an introductory module on competition regulation, and another on consumer law, which will give you some useful background before you dive into the other topics.

As you'll see, we've explained the law and we've tried to show you how it works at a practical level.

As you go along you'll find examples, case references and suggested further reading.

To test your understanding each module includes a short quiz, as well as discussion topics.

If you are a lecturer or a tutor - this program will also be useful to you.

You'll also receive an instruction manual, containing the answers to each set of quiz questions and to the discussion topics.

This online program provides you with information that is both educational and practical.

We think you'll be able to relate to the content both as consumers and as future business managers, directors or entrepreneurs.

We hope you find the program to be a useful and worthwhile resource.

Good luck with the quiz and I hope you find the discussion topics thought provoking!

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