If you’re looking to give your child an edge in math, then you may have heard of Thinkster Math. This online program helps students excel in math by giving them access to tutors and personalized programs. But is it worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look at what people are saying about the program and see if it’s right for your student.

Comprehensive Look at Thinkster Math Reviews

When it comes to Thinkster Math reviews, the majority of parents seem to be pleased with the results their children are getting from the program. Most reviewers note that they’ve seen an improvement in their child’s grades and overall understanding of math concepts since starting with Thinkster.

What Are People Saying?

Many families also report that their children enjoy using the program, as it provides an interactive way for them to learn without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

The tutors are another part of this program that many people appreciate. Nearly all reviews agree that the tutors are knowledgeable and great at helping students understand difficult concepts. In addition, parents feel reassured knowing that their children can receive help from experienced professionals whenever they need it.

According to one reviewer, “My daughter loves talking to her tutor about math problems and I’m glad she has someone who can guide her through tough concepts when needed.”

Is It Right For Your Student?

Whether or not Thinkster Math is right for your student depends on several things, such as their age level, learning style, and goals. Generally speaking, this program is best suited for students who need help catching up on missing skills or those who want more personalized attention than they can get in a traditional classroom setting. If your student wants more individualized instruction on specific topics or needs extra motivation and guidance while studying, then this program could be a good fit for them.

Overall, the reviews for Thinkster Math are positive across the board. Parents report seeing improvements in their child’s performance after enrolling them in this online program, which speaks volumes about its effectiveness as a learning tool. Additionally, most people seem very satisfied with the quality of instruction from tutors as well as how much motivation and individual attention each student gets when working with them one-on-one online sessions.

Ultimately it comes down to whether or not this type of program fits with your child’s learning style—but based on these reviews alone, Thinkster Math appears to be a great option for helping kids excel in math!  ​

thinkster math worksheets

Review of Thinkster Math

Are you looking for an online math tutoring program for your child? If so, Thinkster Math might be the answer. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what makes Thinkster Math stand out from other online math tutoring programs and give you an in-depth review of the program.

What sets Thinkster Math apart from other online math tutoring programs is its focus on personalized learning. Unlike many other programs that are designed to teach students only what they need to know to pass a standardized test, Thinkster puts emphasis on teaching students in a way that helps them understand the underlying concepts behind mathematics and apply those concepts to real-world problems.

This approach not only helps students gain a better understanding of the material but also helps them become more confident in their ability to solve problems independently.

Thinkster Math Near Me

Thinkster’s curriculum is comprehensive and covers all the major topics in mathematics at each grade level, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. In addition to providing thorough coverage of these topics, Thinkster also includes fun activities such as puzzles and games that help keep students engaged and motivated while learning.

The program provides plenty of support for both teachers and parents by offering detailed reports that show student progress over time as well as resources for parents who want to help their children with their studies outside of class.

Thinkster’s pricing structure is competitive with other online math tutoring programs and allows users to customize their plan based on their needs. The basic package starts at $9 per month and offers access to a variety of resources including lesson plans, practice tests, video tutorials, and more. For an additional fee, users can upgrade their plan to include one-on-one instruction with an expert tutor or even live group classes with other students enrolled in the program.

Thinkster Math Reviews – How to Prepare For SAT, PSAT, and ACT Preparation Tests

Whether you are a parent looking for a better way to help your child learn math or an educational professional seeking a new curriculum, thinkster math reviews are a great resource to keep in mind. The program is based on the Singapore curriculum and covers everything from algebra to calculus. The curriculum is also geared towards preparing students for SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation tests.

Unlike other curriculums, Singapore math focuses on mastery instead of just memorizing. The approach also teaches students to use mental math and bar modeling.

The method involves five components: concrete, pictorial, abstract, problem solving, and conceptual depth. These components are highly interrelated. These components provide the foundational knowledge for higher level concepts.

Curriculum based on mathematics in Singapore

These concepts include geometrical, statistical, and analytical concepts. They are then built upon as the students move up through the grades.

The problem-solving component allows the students to apply their skills in a variety of situations. They may represent a problem on a piece of paper, or they might use numerical units to solve it.

The conceptual depth prepares the student for more advanced math. This is achieved through the use of visuals, graphical illustrations, and physical illustrations.

The method is based on the work of Jerome Bruner. His research showed that people learn best by handling symbols and pictures.

Tutors Assign Worksheets

Tutors assign worksheets for Thinkster math reviews. These are used to test the student’s strengths and weaknesses and to move the child to the next grade level. The program is designed for students in Kindergarten to eighth grade.

A Thinkster tutor will customize a learning plan for each student. They will determine what topics to focus on and how much time each student needs to complete each worksheet. A custom-built learning plan also helps prevent kids from getting too overwhelmed.

Tutors use AI technology to sense when a student is ready for more practice on a particular concept. They also record the amount of time the student spends solving problems. Using these algorithms, a Thinkster tutor can offer regular feedback to parents about how their student is doing.

The Thinkster program uses video tutorials and step-by-step solutions to teach different ways to solve math problems. These videos are also accessible in the worksheets.

SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation tests

SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation tests are standardized tests used by colleges to determine students’ readiness for college. These exams are designed to measure the student’s academic abilities, and can be taken by students in grades K-12. These tests can be stressful, but they are important guides for future education. Here are some ways to prepare for these tests.

The SAT is one of the most popular standardized tests, and was recently given 1.7 million test takers this year. It is designed to measure a student’s math and writing skills, as well as their language skills. It is available in various months across the country.

The ACT is similar to the SAT, but the reading section is different. It has multiple choice questions, but does not follow the SAT reading questions. It also has an optional writing section. These sections are not required by most colleges, but they may be required by some.

Video tutorial library

Regardless of your math knowledge, you will be able to make use of Thinkster’s video tutorial library. These tutorials can be accessed whenever you need them, ensuring that you have access to the information you need, even when you are on the go.

Thinkster Math is an online math tutorial program designed to help students develop solid math concepts. The program offers free worksheets and instructional videos, as well as a customized learning plan. This helps to ensure that you and your child are receiving the right level of instruction.

Thinkster’s personalized approach gives students one-on-one tutoring from an expert math coach. This allows your child to receive feedback, as well as learn strategies that will help them to solve problems.

Your student will have access to a variety of questions, including word problems, visual problems, and equations. These problems are grouped together to form worksheets that are perfect for tablets.

In addition to the worksheets, Thinkster’s video tutorials provide a variety of ways to solve problems. Your student can watch the tutorials on a computer or tablet, allowing them to work on the problems at their own pace.

Hello Thinkster Math and Homeschooling

Whether you are a parent looking for a math tutor for your child, a student interested in a math program for yourself, or a teacher in search of a new solution to teaching your students, the Thinkster Math program can help. Developed in Singapore, the Thinkster Math program uses an individualized approach to learning and provides personalized worksheets, one-on-one tutoring sessions, and a video tutorial library that allows teachers to provide additional support to their students.

Developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education, the Curriculum based on mathematics in Singapore is a method of teaching that is very effective. It focuses on mastery rather than memorization. It encourages students to learn and take action. It also provides a balance between concrete and abstract concepts, as well as mental math.

Thinkster Math Reviews

The curriculum based on mathematics in Singapore consists of a three-step learning model. The first step involves handling real objects, while the second and third steps involve handling mathematical representations. It is a highly effective method of teaching that has been widely adopted around the world.

In addition to developing problem solving skills, the curriculum based on mathematics in Singapore aims to develop students’ ability to apply higher-order math skills. It enables students to gain confidence in their abilities and increase their ability to solve problems. It is particularly beneficial for visual learners.

One-on-one tutoring sessions

Choosing one-on-one tutoring sessions for thinkster math is a great idea if you have a child that needs help with math. The program offers customized learning plans, worksheets, and a personalized tutor to make sure your child’s progress is on track.

Thinkster uses an innovative method of providing feedback. It uses artificial intelligence and video technology to track your student’s performance. They have a dashboard that enables parents to see how their child is doing.

The program uses a variety of instructional videos and worksheets to guide students through the math curriculum. The videos are available at any time and can be browsed by concept name. The dashboard also includes a Dynamic Progress Matrix. This chart shows how your child is performing based on his or her previous performances.

Video tutorial library

Unlike a traditional classroom, Thinkster offers students personalized coaching, a video tutorial library, a personalized dashboard, and progress analytics. These features help to make the process of learning math more efficient and fun.

This program is available for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. It is not designed to be a complete program for homeschooling, but it is a great option for time-sensitive math work.

When a student uses the Thinkster app, the app automatically records and tracks the students’ input, and it queues the progression of worksheets. It also shows the student how he/she is thinking about math problems.

Each Thinkster math worksheet provides targeted practice for a specific math skill. They include step-by-step solutions and written examples. These worksheets are aligned with various national standards.

Worksheets available offline

Whether you’re a parent looking to supplement your child’s homeschool program or an experienced tutor who needs an effective way to improve a child’s math skills, Thinkster math review worksheets are a great way to get the job done. With Thinkster, your child will receive personal one-on-one coaching, customized learning plans, and daily math feedback.

The Thinkster Math program is designed for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. It’s an online digital tutoring system that combines powerful AI-driven analytics with innovative worksheets. It’s based on the Singapore Math Method and teaches students to master fewer concepts at a time.

Thinkster provides personalized worksheets and video tutorials. These worksheets include simulated images and videos that help students understand how to solve specific math problems. The worksheets also have built-in tools, such as equations and word problems.

7-day FREE trial

Unlike other math tutoring programs, Thinkster is an innovative way to improve a child’s skills. It uses a personalized curriculum, a virtual coach, and digital worksheets. These worksheets are graded automatically and tracked in the Thinkster app. Students can use the app to practice math problems and earn points, depending on their scores.

Thinkster offers a free seven-day trial. You can learn more about Thinkster at the website. There is also a money-back guarantee.

Thinkster Math is designed to help children of all ages and abilities with math. The app is available on iPad and laptop. It can be used for test prep or as remedial help. The program is designed to increase accuracy, encourage problem solving, and increase motivation.


All things considered, Thinkster Math is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an online math tutoring program that provides personalized instruction tailored to each student’s individual needs. With its comprehensive curriculum covering all major topics in mathematics, helpful support materials such as practice tests and video tutorials, and affordable pricing structure, it’s no wonder why so many parents are choosing Thinkster Math for their child’s education needs!

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